Available Kittens

New kittens have arrived and are available.

Brown spotted/rosetted boys and seal lynx “snow” spotted/rosetted girls!  Be sure to fill out a kitten application. 


Lulu’s kittens – BST male &  SLP “snow” females

Lulu's kittens male brown spotted rossetted bengal


Sookie’s kittens – BST male(SOLD)  &  SLP  “snow” females


Pumpkin Spice – BST female (SOLD)  & Iced Latte – SLP female (SOLD)

Pumpkin 2 latte-and-pumpkin-3-edited

Pumpkin 3 Pumpkin 1

Theon – BST Male (SOLD)

th 1 th 2

th4 th3

Khaleesi – Snow Female (SOLD)

Big spots and rosettes, perfect profile and short little tail.  She is  a seal lynx and will keep bright blue eyes, but is probably also a silver from the way her color came in.  She would be perfect for a show/breeder program.   Snow Bengals get their coat pattern gradually and hers is coming in fast.    The contrast on her face promises a wild look.

Khalsi 1 Khalsi 2

Khalsi 3 Khalsi 4

Silver Stark – Silver Male (SOLD)

A precious silver male with perfect oval eyes and varied spots and rosettes.  He is very adventurous and playful. He has a very whited expression.

Silver Stark 1 Silver Stark 2