Seagold Gumbo Roux of Belrouge

Roux is a brown (black) spotted tabby with deep green eyes.  Photos by Helmi.

roux1 IMG_8621Roux 2

BelRouge Lulu Leveau

BelRouge Cesium Explosion “Cissy”

cissy 2 Cissy on Bamboo

DGC BelRouge Lexus Delarue

Lexi is a seal lynx point “snow” Bengal with bright blue eyes.

Lexi 12 Lexi14

CH BelRouge Edge of Glory

Glory 1 Glory 2


Jewely of BelRouge

Jewely is a silver spotted Bengal and future queen.  (Pictures to come.)

Jewely Jewely 2

Past Queens of Note:

GCH Kalanikats Bella of BelRouge

This is GCH Kalanikats “Bella” of BelRouge our beautiful queen. She has so much purrsonality. She likes playing in water, batting around her soccer balls and doing flips in the air. No day is complete without a game of fetch with her favorite toy, a long silver tassel. I accidentally threw it up over one of the ceiling fan blades and that started a new high jump competition. Bella’s record high jump is 6 feet 8 inches, but she is constantly working to improve her score. One day she hopes to be in the Kitty Olympics – it is good to have dreams.

Her mother is GCH Starbengal Mirage of KalaniKats and her father SGC AMERIKATZOCILI CLOUD OF STARBENGAL was the first Silver Supreme Grand Champion ever. Bella is very proud of her show cat heritage and all of the titled Champions, Grand Champions, Triple Grand Champions and Supreme Grand Champions in her lineage. Bella is a brown spotted Bengal, with lots of tri-colored rosettes. She has a wild typey face with strong contrasting color, puffy whisker pads and a distinguished chin. She is lean, muscular and perfectly athletic. She is quite clear coated with golden yellow undertones and the softest pelt. We are so grateful to the Kalani family for making it possible for Bella to become part of our family.

2 Bella Bengal on a bookshelf 3 GRC Kalanikats Bella of Belrouge at the show 4 bella bengal cat tuckered out

Exotic Leopard Element of BelRouge  “Ellie”

I have heard people say that silver Bengals don’t have glitter, but Ellie proves that all that glitters isn’t necessarily gold!  Ellie’s coat sparkles in the light like nothing you’ve seen.  There is nothing grey about her…she is a first class glittered silver!  She picked up lots of1st kittens in Division and in Color at Hotlanta Cats 2008 and has grown into a beautiful girl and a wonderful mother.

Ellie Ellie019 Ellie089