Where can I find out about future litters?  Kittens that are currently available can be found on our available kittens page.  Planned and expected kittens are announced on our Bengal Blog!

How can I find a reputable breeder?  Here are some questions to ask to help you determine if you have found a good breeder:  How to choose a good Breeder

Now that I know I want to get a Bengal, what is the next step?  Our kitten application is a great place to start.  It is designed to help us match our kittens to you.

Do you accept deposits?  Yes, we do, but it isn’t always necessary.

Basically, the first deposit/holding fee paid gets the first choice.

We have a waiting list of clients interested in our kittens.  If you are looking for a kitten from a specific breeding or if you have a short time schedule, then a $200 deposit/holding fee moves you from the regular waiting list (which doesn’t require a deposit) to the priority list and the same amount will be credited to which ever kitten you place under contract. It can also be paid to reserve a buyers place in line for the next available specific type of kitten.  Deposits are non-refundable.

You can apply your deposit to the purchase of a pet, breeder (to approved breeding program only), show alter or show cat/kitten.

People who place a deposit on a kitten will be contacted and given the first opportunity to see the new kittens.  Then I will send out notices to the people on the regular waiting list.  The sooner we receive your deposit, the higher up the waiting list you will be, and the wider your choices for your kitten.

However, once you decide on the specific cat/kitten, it will be necessary to put 50% of the purchase price down to place your specific cat/kitten under contract.  The balance will be due before the kitten leaves for his home.  This helps us to be sure that every kitten is placed in a good home.

Do you ship your cats? We prefer that you pick up your cat from us, but we know that isn’t always possible and so shipping is available, if needed.

How often are show quality kitties produced? For example, is
it typical to have more than one in a litter?  
We start with the best Supreme Grand Championship show lines and then selectively pair dams and sires with the goal of producing kittens that are even better than their parents. When the pairing is perfect you may have multiple show kittens in a litter. Usually, at least the pick of our litters fall into this category.  However, each kitten has to be evaluated individually based on the Bengal cat breed standards.

I have heard that show and breeder kittens need longer to be able to tell if they are up to par.  How do you determine this?   Sometimes it is obvious: bigger bone structure, nice profile and ear placement, large separated and developed spots at birth. Other times, you do have to wait.  Spot patterns can open up and separate. As the head gets larger it could be more or less domed and that could effect the spacing of the eyes and the placement of the ears.  There are a number of other variables that make evaluating and determining the kittens quality easier as they get older. So sometimes, I will wait  a bit before pricing a kitten.  When we place a kitten under contract we do so at a set price.

Is there a long wait for a pet?  I tend to label the smallest cat from every litter or the one with the least show potential, as a pet right away.  A lot of times it ends up that his spots develop nicely (more tri color and a more random spot pattern) and  he could have done well in a show ring.  I am OK with that though, because it is good for business and for the cat’s placement to know he is available as a pet right away.  Sometimes there will be more than one pet in a litter.  If given the choice I would choose to place a kitten as a pet over a breeder, because of the pampered pet lifestyle.

What is a snow Bengal?  The three different types of Snow Bengals are:  Seal Lynx Point Snow Bengals, Seal Sepia Snow Bengals and  Seal Mink Snow Bengals.