“How much are your kittens?”

The number one question we get from people interested in adding a Bengal kitten to their family is, “How much are your kittens?”  While it seems like this should be an easy enough answer, it is a little bit more complicated than that.

So here’s the scoop!

Pricing of a kitten depends on three primary factors.

  1. The breed standard, including: ear placement, glittering, pattern flow, spots and rosettes, tail length, whited expression, whited belly, etc;
  2. Health and lineage; and
  3. Purrrrsonality!

We use these three factors to determine whether a kitten is “show” or “pet” quality.

A kitten that has been identified as show quality will range in price starting at $2500 and goes up from there.

A kitten that has been identified as pet quality will range in price from $1500-2500.

When we have adult cats available they range in price from $750- $1250.

Sometimes prices will fluctuate depending on how the kitten develops. Prices are subject to change until the kitten is placed under contract.  All of our kittens come with a three-year guarantee.*

If you have any more questions about our pricing, feel free to contact us or fill out a kitten application!

-Belrouge Bengals

*Three year guarantee warrants against congenital defects.